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Dealer Plate Accessories

Dealer Plate Access System

Keyper system locks users key in place until plate is returned. Comes with steel braided wire, 5 tamper proof seals, 5 keyper plugs and 3 access plugs. Holds five dealer license plates.
$179.00 USD

Dealer Plate Bags

Deluxe vinyl dealer plate bag has heavy guage clear plastic cover and velco fold over top. Tough seat belt material strap.
$8.95 USD

Rubber Coated Magnetic Plate Holders

A new twist on old faithful. Strong magnetic plate holder is now com- pletely covered in red rubber. Fits all licence plate and comes with bolts for fastening to dealer plate. Sold in pairs.
$15.95 USD

Rubber Magnetic Plate Holder

New extruded rubber magnets have no metal that can scratch vehicles. Resists sliding and comes complete with bolts for fastening dealer plate securely. Sold in pairs.
$17.95 USD

The Mag Tag

Revolutionary new design allow magnets to fit the curvature of most new vehicles. Soft rubber coating protects from scratches. So powerful only one is required per plate. Comes complete with bolts and nuts.
$14.95 USD
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