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The Balloon Buddy

The Balloon Buddy (Ordinary Air Balloons Only)

Fill balloons with regular air and attach to holder. No more filling and refilling with helium. One piece window clip design allows for easy removal. Completely reusable, less expensive than helium. Uses 17"balloons sold separately
$5.95 USD

The Balloon Buddy for Reusable Balloons

CAN ONLY BE USED WITH THE 18" DuraBalloons sold separately. Just clip onto the window and then roll it up to firmly secure balloon buddy. Reusable balloons last far longer that regular balloons and look fantastic!
Balloon buddy kit includes:
1- window clip
1- 41" fibreglass stem
1- holding cup
$18.95 USD

The Balloon Buddy Pack of 100 (Ordinary Air Balloons Only)

Get the look of helium balloons without the hassle or cost of helium. Balloon Buddy allows standard air filled balloons to sway just like a helium filled balloon.Simply blow up the balloon with air from a compressor and attach to holder. Then clip to window and your finished! Completely reusable, no more strings and deflated balloons! Uses 17" balloons sold separately.
$495.00 USD
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